What I Learned from A Pony Tailed, Shirtless, Denim Short Wearing Yoga Master… 🧘👖😲

About 10 years ago my sister insisted I watch this yoga DVD instructional 📀

To say it was a little odd at first would be an understatement but… 🤔
I’ll never forget the wise words spoken that I want to share with you. 😁

In this short video I want to share with you a life principle that I learned from a yoga master.

A little over 10 years ago, I was starting to really get into yoga. And at that time, my sister was working at a very famous yoga apparel store, and she had borrowed this DVD from their library, and she kept raving about it, about how good it was and she was saying you know Leevi, you should really watch this DVD, I think you’d really really enjoy it. And she kept going on and on about it, and eventually I watched it.

It was a simple instructional DVD, and even though it was a DVD, it was quite apparent that it had been transferred from an original VHS recording back in the day. It was very very dated, and the yoga instructor had really long hair that was all tied back in a long ponytail, he was walking around with no shirt on, wearing these denim cutoff shorts. It was just classic, it was really really funny.

If you could get over that and actually follow the instruction, the class that he taught was really really good. What was really interesting is that while he did a great job of explaining all the instructions and talking you through a class, he was constantly talking between poses and at first a lot of this just went over my head because I was concentrating so much on just doing the poses and getting through the class because it was quite a challenging instructional. The more and more I listened to it, I realized that this guy was dropping massive knowledge bombs throughout the whole thing!

He was saying really deep and profound philosophical things.

One of the main things that stuck out for me is he said,

“Don’t buy in to the ebb and flow of life”

and it sounds so simple but it’s such a profound statement. The way he explained it in the instructional is he was saying, when you do your yoga class the only constant in that class is your breath. The poses, they change and they are different. The only thing that you have control over, that is constant, is your ability to breathe. And I believe he was paralleling it and tying it to life. Saying that in life we have ebbs and flows which are like the different poses that we do in yoga, they can be challenging at times, they can be uncomfortable, just like in yoga class the only thing that you have as a constant is your breath to help you during those times when things are uncomfortable. He was saying that during life, during the ebbs and flows, the only constant that you have is yourself. Your situations, the ebbs and flows, they come and go. And the thing is the ups and downs of life will come and go, and he’s saying, don’t buy into that roller coaster of life going up and down, it will pass and the only constant is you and how you choose to react to those ups and downs. Now, it may seem like a really simple saying, but having this idea that there are ebbs and flows in life can really help you.

It can help you realize that during the bad times when things aren’t going according to plan and you’re not feeling at your best and you think, hey life has dealt me a bad hand, that it’s not going to last and it will pass.

There can be some comfort to know that this isn’t going to last forever, and it will pass. A simple but profound tip from a long haired, shirtless, and denim short wearing yoga master. I hope that tip has helped you.

If you know anyone that you feel could benefit from not buying into the ebb and flow of life share this on your timeline, you never know who could help.

Thanks again for watching and I’ll speak to you soon.