Are You “Early + Small” OR “Late + Big” With Your Health?

Most people are “Late + Big” – and as a result are suffering a health crisis, in pain OR just not happy with their health.

Let me help you avoid this with a principle for your health (and life) that I’m sure you’ll find VERY beneficial.


In this short video, I’m going to show you the principles of early and small, or late and big. And how they can relate to your health and life. And how this can save you pain, heartache, and frustration.

Hey, it’s Dr. Leevi from Wises Road Chiropractic. And all this rain lately has got me thinking about the saying,

“a Fair-Weather Friend”

You’re probably familiar with it. Fair-weather friend is the friend who is around during the good times, but when there are bad times, and you need love, support and caring, they’re nowhere to be found. And this principle ties into a conversation that I was having recently with a friend of mine.

He’s not a fair-weather friend, but he was talking to me about how he had recently stopped his regular meditation practice and was starting to notice some negative detrimental effects because of it.

Now I was curious, and I asked him, “Hey, why do you think you got out of habit with your meditation practice?” And he had a bit of a chuckle and he said, “You know what? Because things had been going along really well and I feel like I don’t need it.” And we both laughed because we know that that’s the case with life. It often happens.

When things are going along really well, we often forget about the habits and principles that have got us to that stage. And we think that it’s a great time we can take the foot off the accelerator and not do those things. Now, while that certainly may be the case, that you may not need to work as hard to sustain things when things are going well, it’s a terrific opportunity to continue building good habits and banking deposits in your health and life account. Because, trust me, there will be a stormy or rocky time coming. That is just the ebb and flow of life. And it is a lot easier when things are sailing smooth and nice and easy, to get in a regular routine and start building some resilience and muscle in the things we are doing. When we find ourselves in a time of crisis or stress, it’s often too late to start banking some deposits in our meditation practice, or starting to do some gratitude journaling. We’re too far gone and down the line, and what we really needed is, we need the buffer zone that those practices give us, during the good times, so when the bad times do come, we can lean on them.

Likewise, hey, with our exercise and health, you can fall into the principle of Early and Small, or Big and Late. Early and small, big and late.

How does that relate to our health and our life?

Well, really easy, hey, exercise and weight loss is a great example. You can do things early and on a small scale so your jeans continue to fit you well, or you can wait until it’s late, where your jeans don’t fit you, and you need to start doing some big and drastic things to make changes. It is very similar to a proactive and reactive approach. Quite often when patients come initially first to see me, they are in a reactive state of health. They have gotten themselves in a little bit of a health crisis and we need to do a lot of work to dig themselves out of that hole. Soon after, they’re feeling a lot better, and they come to a crossroads where they have the choice, do I want to continue doing the things that have gotten me here? Keeping up my chiropractic appointments, doing my exercises, stopping my bad habits? Or do I just want to just leave things, and wait until I have the next health crisis and need to start doing things big, drastic and late to dig myself out of this hole?

Choice is entirely up to you. Are you going to live your health and life on principles of early and small? Or are you going to leave things late and need to do big things to get yourself out of trouble?

Well, I hope this gives you something to think about and if you enjoyed this video and you know someone who could benefit from these principles on health and life, then share it on your timeline.

You never know who could benefit. Thanks again for watching, and I’ll speak to you soon.