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How To Use “TRIGGERS” For Better Health And A Better Life 😍

✅ There’s one store in Maroochydore that’s my TRIGGER… every time I’m in the vicinity I have to drop in and check out what they have 🍰
✅ I share with you some simple triggers you can use every day for your health to prevent back and neck pain 👍😩
✅ Plus easy triggers to alleviate mental stress and be happier 😊

Hey, in this short video, I’m going to talk about triggers.

Specifically, simple little triggers that you can use on a daily basis to help relieve stress that you put on your physical body, and mental and emotional stress. But before I get to that, there’s a shop on Ocean Street in Maroochydore that’s my trigger.

Every time I’m in the vicinity, I’ve got to come check it out. So let’s have a look what they’ve got. That’s Tome, on Ocean Street in Maroochydore. To say they make cupcakes is a massive understatement. Those cupcakes don’t only look great, they taste amazing, and if you’ve ever seen any of our pics from staff birthdays, that’s where we get them from, so check it out.

So triggers can be seen as little prompts that we can use to help us remind us of an activity that we want to do. So for example, physically, probably the biggest and most obvious one is breaking up sitting time. I’m always talking to my desk-bound patients about this. So latest research is saying that, every 20 or 30 minutes you must get up from your desk and move to unload that lower back. So the easiest trigger for something like that is some sort of timer, set the timer, because we know when you get sitting at that computer, time flies, and before you know it, it’s been three hours and you haven’t moved. So set a simple trigger, a little reminder on your phone or on the computer that has a timer that comes up and says, “Hey, you need to get up and move.”

Other triggers that we talk about for our physical body are things like our posture. So recently I shot a video talking about posture using the little reminder, ‘Where’s My Balloon?’ That is a great trigger, that could go on a Post-it note near your computer screen. If you’re doing a lot of desk work, that simply just says, “Hey, where’s my balloon?” You could also set that as a timer in your phone. Three times a day, the timer pops up and it says, “Where’s my balloon?” So it triggers you to think about your posture. And over time, that’s going to build a habit, it’s going to build a new pattern where you’re more conscious of that previously unconscious behavior.

We can also use triggers for our mental and emotional state, so leveraging the same technology that we did before, you may set reminders in your phone, and instead of saying something like “Take a break from sitting,” they may say something like, “Be grateful,” “Be happy,” “Bring the joy.” Imagine if you set a reminder like that three times a day, something that could snap you out of your routine thinking and start ingraining some new patterns or habits in your mental or emotional state.

Another trigger that’s handy is physical objects. So for example, in your workspace, walking through a certain doorway or sitting back at your desk or entering a certain room. These things can be associated with certain triggers. So after lunchtime when you come back and you’ve got emails or computer work to do, that can be a trigger, and when you sit at your desk, you can think to yourself, “You know what? “Who needs my A-game now? “Who needs the best version of myself?” And before you start that new task, you can think about that.

Every time you walk through a certain doorway, you can think about a trigger for that next area of work or that next phase of work that may be a little bit different.

Coming home is a really good one, the home place. You may set a trigger in your car on the way home that once you park the car and you’re about to get home, that you wipe the slate clean from work and you want to enter the house as a loving, caring, and present person and not carry any of the burdens of the work day.

This also ties into my video on transitions, which works really well, so if you haven’t checked that one out, please have a look.

But there are some triggers that you can think about.

If you enjoyed this video and you know someone that could benefit from putting some triggers in their life, then share it on your timeline, you never know who you could help.

Thanks again for watching, and I’ll speak to you soon.

Alice in Wonderland

Are You Making This “Alice In Wonderland” Mistake With Your Health? 🐰❤️🍰🐛

There are many mistakes people can make with their health but… 🤔

This is probably one of the BIGGEST- without getting this right you could be “spinning your wheels” forever but.. 🤯

Get it right and your health journey could be DRAMATICALLY easier, faster and better. 💪😀

In this short video, I’m going to share with you some wisdom from Alice in Wonderland. Particularly, I’m going to help you avoid the mistake that Alice makes, and I’m going to share with you some timeless advice from the Cheshire Cat, which could help your health and your life.

There’s a part early on in the book, Alice in Wonderland, where Alice meets the cat and asks, “Would you tell me, please, “which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the cat. “I don’t much care where,” said Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the cat.

I don’t think anyone will really be as vague as Alice’s with regards to their health, but quite often people do have some degree of vagueness. They know that they are unhappy with their health. I think it’s really important that we start defining what exactly are you unhappy with? What do you want to make a change with? Do you want to get out of pain? Do you want to exercise more? Would you like to lose weight? Would you like to eat better? Do you want more energy? Start getting clear on what you want to change, and that way you can have an idea of the goals of where you’re headed, and you can start getting an idea of the action steps that you need to take to start making those changes.

An easy to think about things is with no goals, there’s no growth. No clarity, no change. If you don’t take the time to carefully define what exactly you want with your health, or with your life, and you just leave it up to chance, or you don’t think about it, or plan for it, then, hey, you will be like Alice, and it doesn’t matter what you do because you’re not heading in any proper direction.

If you know someone who’s struggling with their health, just like Alice was struggling with choosing a direction to go, then share this video on your timeline.

You never know who it could help.

Thanks again for watching, and I’ll speak to you soon.

Protein Fluff!

Could This Dessert Actually Be Healthy?

No fat – As much protein as a piece of steak – And low in sugar…

Sounds too good to be true? Let me show you how to make it!


Protein Fluff
250 gm of frozen berries
90 ml of some sort of liquid e.g. water or milk
30 gm of casein protein

Step 1
Let berries thaw

Step 2
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mash together

Step 3
Whisk mixture for 5 minutes. The longer you whisk the fluffier it gets.

Step 4
Optional; add toppings i.e. fruit, seeds, nuts, granola, cookies

Step 5
Share with friends!

Grab what I feel is the best Casein protein here:
Go to

In this short video, I’m going to show you how to make this, the perfect healthy treat. It’s got as much protein as a piece of steak. It’s only got 14 grams of sugar, and it tastes delicious.

Now, this miracle dessert is called Protein Fluff, and it’s really simple, you just need three ingredients.

You need 250 gm of frozen berries. Here we’re using raspberries, and they’re a good base to use. 90 ml of some sort of liquid, milk or something along those lines, I’m using water. And then 30 gm of some casein protein.

Now you can use whey protein, but the nature of Protein Fluff is that it needs to get aerated, and that’s what makes it fluffy and voluminous. Casein protein is a milk protein, and it seems to do a lot better job than whey protein. Now, once again, like I mentioned in my Super Shake video, use a reputable protein company. Clean, no additives, no crap, nothing in it. I’ve got my recommendation in the description above. Check them out if you want, and you can even use my code and get a discount.

But, really easy, what you’re going to do is, let your berries thaw a little bit. Put everything together in a bowl, mash it together, and then you’re going to set it in a blender, and you need a blender with a whisk. And the longer you whisk, the more fluffy it gets. Really easy, let’s get to it. So there you go, protein whip, try it out.

It’s very filling because it’s so aerated, so if you are new to it, I recommend sharing it with a friend the first time around.

What’s great about it is it satisfies your sweet tooth, but it also supplies you with some really good nutrients. If you know someone who would enjoy this recipe, then share it on your timeline.

Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you soon.

Box Breathing

1 Way to DEFEAT Stress, Anxiety + Muscle Tension

Let me show you how to go from a “million miles an hour” to cool, calm and collected…

Perfect if you:
Can’t stop the chatter in your head
Feel like you’re always on the go
Can’t sit still, can’t concentrate
Never meditated before

Just like Sunshine Plaza, which can get a bit noisy, hectic and busy, so too can your mind, leading to increased stress. In this short video, I want to give you a quick, simple, easy and free tool that you can start using to better manage your stress, so you can be happier and healthier. Let me share with you a really simple but powerful technique for meditating.

Now, this technique is perfect for people that have never meditated before, people who struggle with meditation. Now, really important to understand, I speak to a lot of people about meditating and they say to me, you know what, I cannot do that, it is too hard, it is too difficult, I cannot sit still for that long, I cannot stop the chatter in my brain, my brain is always busy. That is exactly why you need to meditate. It is something that we are working on.

We need to get your brain to calm down, to focus, and to be able to block out all the chatter, and to relax, and to be mindful of the present moment. That is exactly what we are working on, and the reason that you find it hard, is because we need to work on it.

That is why we want to do it.

You can imagine how silly it would be, if we never worked on things that we found difficult. I cannot go to the gym, I am unfit. I cannot eat well, I am not healthy. Sounds ridiculous when you say those things, but everyday I hear people say things like, I cannot meditate, I cannot concentrate for that long. I get bored when I sit still for that long. That is why we are doing it. So, let me show you the technique of box breathing, which I think is a great way for beginners and people who struggle with meditation, to get started.

So, the goal of meditation, is to be mindful of the present moment, and the way that we do that, is we use things like mantras, or we listen to some guided meditation, to stop all the chatter in our brain, and all those thoughts that pop into our head, and we just listen to what is in the present moment. Box breathing is a really great way for beginners, to use a mantra, to escape all the chatter in the head. Now, the thing is, you will get thoughts, they will come and go. Thoughts will come into your head. That is okay. Do not judge them, do not do anything, just let them come and just let them leave your mind, alright?

With box breathing, we are going to do 4 things. So, think about box, that has got 4 sides, and what we are going to do, is, we are going to breath in, we are going to hold that breath, we are going to breath out, and we are going to hold the breath out. And that completes the 4 sides of the box. Really easy. You are going to do each those sides of the box for a count of 4, and that is all you need to do. Close you eyes, find somewhere comfortable to sit down. I prefer to not have your back supported, so you do not have a tendency to over relax and fall asleep. That is not the goal of meditation.

Goal is to stay present.

So, you are going to take a nice upright, comfortable posture, close your eyes, breath in through the nose, for a count of 4. Hold for 4. Breath out through the mouth for 4. Hold that breath out for 4. And in through the nose again for 4. And you just repeat that. So, grab a kitchen timer, use the timer on your phone, and set it for a time limit. If you’re one of those people who has never meditated before or you find it really hard to stop what you are doing, to calm the chatter in your brain, you may only start with 2 minutes. That is fine, start with 2 minutes and add 1 minute every week.

Now, all you need to do is, find a comfortable place to sit, sit nice, tall and upright, close your eyes, and you are just going to count your 4’s along the edges of the box, and just go around the 4 edges of the box, doing the breath in for 4, hold for 4, breath out through the mouth for 4, hold that breath out for 4, and then we are back to breath in for 4 through the nose. Really, really easy.

So, start doing it, give it a go, let me know how it goes in the comments.

And if you enjoyed this video, then share it on your timeline. You never know which of your friends or family could benefit from meditating.

Thank you again for watching and I will speak to you soon.

Yoga’s Life Lessons

What I Learned from A Pony Tailed, Shirtless, Denim Short Wearing Yoga Master… 🧘👖😲

About 10 years ago my sister insisted I watch this yoga DVD instructional 📀

To say it was a little odd at first would be an understatement but… 🤔
I’ll never forget the wise words spoken that I want to share with you. 😁

In this short video I want to share with you a life principle that I learned from a yoga master.

A little over 10 years ago, I was starting to really get into yoga. And at that time, my sister was working at a very famous yoga apparel store, and she had borrowed this DVD from their library, and she kept raving about it, about how good it was and she was saying you know Leevi, you should really watch this DVD, I think you’d really really enjoy it. And she kept going on and on about it, and eventually I watched it.

It was a simple instructional DVD, and even though it was a DVD, it was quite apparent that it had been transferred from an original VHS recording back in the day. It was very very dated, and the yoga instructor had really long hair that was all tied back in a long ponytail, he was walking around with no shirt on, wearing these denim cutoff shorts. It was just classic, it was really really funny.

If you could get over that and actually follow the instruction, the class that he taught was really really good. What was really interesting is that while he did a great job of explaining all the instructions and talking you through a class, he was constantly talking between poses and at first a lot of this just went over my head because I was concentrating so much on just doing the poses and getting through the class because it was quite a challenging instructional. The more and more I listened to it, I realized that this guy was dropping massive knowledge bombs throughout the whole thing!

He was saying really deep and profound philosophical things.

One of the main things that stuck out for me is he said,

“Don’t buy in to the ebb and flow of life”

and it sounds so simple but it’s such a profound statement. The way he explained it in the instructional is he was saying, when you do your yoga class the only constant in that class is your breath. The poses, they change and they are different. The only thing that you have control over, that is constant, is your ability to breathe. And I believe he was paralleling it and tying it to life. Saying that in life we have ebbs and flows which are like the different poses that we do in yoga, they can be challenging at times, they can be uncomfortable, just like in yoga class the only thing that you have as a constant is your breath to help you during those times when things are uncomfortable. He was saying that during life, during the ebbs and flows, the only constant that you have is yourself. Your situations, the ebbs and flows, they come and go. And the thing is the ups and downs of life will come and go, and he’s saying, don’t buy into that roller coaster of life going up and down, it will pass and the only constant is you and how you choose to react to those ups and downs. Now, it may seem like a really simple saying, but having this idea that there are ebbs and flows in life can really help you.

It can help you realize that during the bad times when things aren’t going according to plan and you’re not feeling at your best and you think, hey life has dealt me a bad hand, that it’s not going to last and it will pass.

There can be some comfort to know that this isn’t going to last forever, and it will pass. A simple but profound tip from a long haired, shirtless, and denim short wearing yoga master. I hope that tip has helped you.

If you know anyone that you feel could benefit from not buying into the ebb and flow of life share this on your timeline, you never know who could help.

Thanks again for watching and I’ll speak to you soon.

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