Could This Dessert Actually Be Healthy?

No fat – As much protein as a piece of steak – And low in sugar…

Sounds too good to be true? Let me show you how to make it!


Protein Fluff
250 gm of frozen berries
90 ml of some sort of liquid e.g. water or milk
30 gm of casein protein

Step 1
Let berries thaw

Step 2
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mash together

Step 3
Whisk mixture for 5 minutes. The longer you whisk the fluffier it gets.

Step 4
Optional; add toppings i.e. fruit, seeds, nuts, granola, cookies

Step 5
Share with friends!

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In this short video, I’m going to show you how to make this, the perfect healthy treat. It’s got as much protein as a piece of steak. It’s only got 14 grams of sugar, and it tastes delicious.

Now, this miracle dessert is called Protein Fluff, and it’s really simple, you just need three ingredients.

You need 250 gm of frozen berries. Here we’re using raspberries, and they’re a good base to use. 90 ml of some sort of liquid, milk or something along those lines, I’m using water. And then 30 gm of some casein protein.

Now you can use whey protein, but the nature of Protein Fluff is that it needs to get aerated, and that’s what makes it fluffy and voluminous. Casein protein is a milk protein, and it seems to do a lot better job than whey protein. Now, once again, like I mentioned in my Super Shake video, use a reputable protein company. Clean, no additives, no crap, nothing in it. I’ve got my recommendation in the description above. Check them out if you want, and you can even use my code and get a discount.

But, really easy, what you’re going to do is, let your berries thaw a little bit. Put everything together in a bowl, mash it together, and then you’re going to set it in a blender, and you need a blender with a whisk. And the longer you whisk, the more fluffy it gets. Really easy, let’s get to it. So there you go, protein whip, try it out.

It’s very filling because it’s so aerated, so if you are new to it, I recommend sharing it with a friend the first time around.

What’s great about it is it satisfies your sweet tooth, but it also supplies you with some really good nutrients. If you know someone who would enjoy this recipe, then share it on your timeline.

Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you soon.