Pregnancy Related Back Pain Relief – Maroochydore & Buderim

Are you pregnant and suffering back pain and live around the Maroochydore area? Then we’d like to help you.

Back pain during pregnancy is a very common condition affecting more than 50% of pregnant women.

Once the pain starts there is the tricky situation where the physical demands on the body only increase as the baby continues to develop and get heavier – giving the body no time to recover and usually making symptoms worse.

Natural Options for Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Being understandably cautious of what medications to take and treatments available when pregnant can leave you with limited options and often women find themselves unnecessarily putting up with the pain.

It can turn what should be a joyous and treasured period of life into a very uncomfortable, tiring, unbearable grind.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Chiropractic can be an option to manage pregnancy related back and pelvic pain.

Dr Leevi has had the pleasure of helping women from conception right up until a few days before giving birth.