How To Properly Use The Foam Roller For The Hips

Tight, stiff + sore hips can lead to knee problems, back pain and muscle strains.

Discover the 3 areas of the hip you need to release and how to easily do it.

In this short video, I’m going to show you how to properly use the roller to help your hips.

Hey, it’s Dr Leevi, your chiropractor from Wises Road Chiropractic. In this video I’m going to show you how to use the roller to help get some mobility into the hips. Now, one of the key areas of hips that we want to look at are the glute muscles on the side and all those hip rotators. So, a really, really easy way to do that.

We’re going to pop the roller on the ground, you’re going to sit on the roller and the side that you want to release is the leg that you’re going to cross over the other leg, Really, really easy. So, you cross over that leg and now you want to angle yourself a little bit onto that butt cheek and all those muscles there that are tight. You want to give them some nice long rolls to begin with and then you want to find those little tender bands, those trigger points and just sit on them, breathe, and just let that tension out those areas. Really, really easy. So, from the front, so you know what it looked like, sitting on the roller, I want to release and open my right hip area, so right leg is going to go over, slightly angle the body like that. Really easy. I’ve got my hand here for support and I’ve got the front leg there for support too. The more body weight I put on the roller the more I’m going to get into that tissue, so you’re in control of it with the amount of weight you have through your leg and your hand.

Next up, along the side of the leg, we’ve got all that fascia, we’ve also got a lot of muscles there. So, really easy for this one, roller goes on the ground and you’re gonna lay on the side like that. Now, this leg can help and this elbow are supporting you and we use those to help roll up and down that area, the outside of that leg. From the hip joint all the way down to the knee joint. Now, you may want to put some more weight on there, take that leg off the ground so it’s just your lower hand supporting you. Really easy. And obviously you’re doing it on the other side.

And then next up, hey, this front area, the hip flexor. Pop the roller on the ground, and you’re going to lay on it and come up to that hip joint and we’re just rolling over it like that. Really, really easy. So, for the front of the hip, okay, the hip flexor area, you want to sort of be on the belt line and then slightly below when you’re using the roller. So, sort of where your shorts or your pants are sitting to slightly below. So, position the roller there, and you’re going to be flat, face down on it. And I’m just guiding my body over, up to the belt line, below, up to the belt line, below. So, we’ve done the back of the hip, the side of the hip and the front of the hip. Really, really easy ways to use the roller to help get some mobility in that area.

So, you can roll out all those sore, tender areas and then you can use the mobility exercises on my previous videos, to help get some life in those areas.

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You never know who you could help.

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