If you’re one of those people that carry the weight of the world on their shoulders then you’ll want to watch this video, because I’ve got the exercise to help you!

  • Do you need help opening up your chest?
  • Do you need help relaxing your shoulders?
  • Do you need help releasing all the tension in your neck?
  • Do you breath correctly allowing your body to get the right amount of oxygen?
  • Do you want to improve your posture and reduce your stress?

If you’re one of those people that carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and have all that tension in that upper body, then you’ll want to watch this video, ’cause I’ve got the exercise for you to help open up that chest, relax those shoulders, and release all the tension in your neck. Stay tuned.
Hey it’s Dr. Leevi from Wises Road Chiropractic. And here’s a great compliment to the work that we’ve been doing in the clinic. We’ve been working on all those mis-alignments in your neck and your upper back and that have been causing all those tight muscles. What I’m going to help you do is I’m going to help reduce the stress that you’re putting on those areas on a daily basis with your poor posture and poor breathing. So we know that hey those rounded shoulders, that forward posture, you’re going to put a lot of stress on the muscles and the joints of the neck and the upper back plus all the time when we are breathing incorrectly, which means breathing with our accessory muscles. And we’re seeing that upper chest rise and the shoulders shrug, we’re putting so much stress and tension on all of those areas. This simple exercise corrects both you posture and your improper breathing and rolls it into one.

I love it, it’s called the wall slide or the floor slide.

Basically it’s going to utilise a stick-em-up position. Which is the position that you would be in, if you were in a hold up, hands up. Really, really easy and from this position, you are just gonna slide that back of the hands, the back of the arms, alright, along the floor above your head and then we’re going to bring them back down Super easy, alright, but what this is going to do is it’s going to stimulate some powerful muscles that help open up that chest area to improve our posture. And we’re going to link it with some really specific breathing instructions to help work on proper breathing mechanics. So, really, really important exercise.

Now let’s talk a bit about the breath that we’re using during this exercise. We’re gonna breathe in at the start, for a count of 3, through your nose and then as we do the slide the hands along the floor and lift them above our head, we’re going to breathe out for a breath of 10, through the mouth. Now what you’re going to find is that breath of 10 out, is going to be challenging, and it’s supposed to be. Pushing out all that air, you are really going to feel your core muscles working. It’s going to be your core muscles that are responsible for pushing out all that air, emptying the lungs to full capacity. So give it a go now, a breath three in through the nose and 10 out through the mouth. Did you feel your stomach muscles work, the core muscles work? That, those are your deep core muscles. The easiest way to engage them is to engage proper breathing and a forceful expiration. So really important, we’re linking breath with this exercise. So there’s a lot of stuff going on, it’s going to take you a little bit of time to get the hang of it, but this is such a great reset to do, daily at the end of the work day. Get rid of all that tension through there, complimenting the work that we’ve been doing in the clinic. So let’s have a look how we do the exercise.
Now this exercise may be challenging for some people You need to take a step back and work on some mobility first, so check out my videos on shoulder mobility and mid-back mobility and you need to work on those exercises also, in conjunction with this one.

Let’s get started on the floor slide. Real easy, find a place to lie down and you’re going to lie with your legs bent. Legs bent, feet flat on the floor, and you’re just going to take that hold-em-up position, that stick up position. Now really important here, I’m trying my best, to keep my lower back flat so I’m not excessively arching that lower back. Nice and neutral and if I can, tuck that pelvis under, keep it nice and flat. Then, backs of the hands and the arms are going to be flat on the floor. Now some people may find just the stick-em-up position really, really challenging, okay. So work within your limits, that’s okay. That is what we’re working on. Just keep practicing it, you’ll get better and better at it, okay. So, you’re going to that stick up position. I’m gonna aim to be flat here, flat on the backs of my arms and what you’re going to do is, take a three count breath in through my nose and then I’m going to breathe out for 10 through my mouth and as I do that, I’m just going to slide my hands up the floor. What I want to think about is I’m going to imagine I’ve got sandpaper on the back of my hands and I want to sandpaper the floor, so I just wanna stay flat on the floor. So let’s go, three breaths in through the nose and a count of 10 out through the mouth as I slide my hands above my head. Three breath in through the nose, bring the elbows down. Breath out of 10 through the mouth, arms and hands up. 3 in through the nose, 10 out through the mouth. Now for those of you that struggled with the floor slide, I wanna show you a peel back way that you can start working on those same muscle groups. So in the meantime while you’re working on your mobility and flexibility so you can get into that floor slide position, here’s how you would do it against the wall. So you want to be about 10 centimeters away from the wall and with this 2 important cues that we are looking at. We are going to try to pinch shoulder blades together so your shoulder blades get pinched together and your shoulders stay down. So you can just think shoulders down and back. What we want avoid are those shoulders creeping up towards the ears, that’s the exact thing that we are avoiding. We are training the muscles that oppose that, those shoulders rising and keep them down, so those areas can stay relaxed. So really, really, easy.

You’re going to face the wall, and we’re gonna take that shoulders down and back position, pinching those shoulder blades together, you’re going to put your forearms against the wall and all you’re going to do is you’re gonna slide up the wall until as high as you can, without letting your shoulders shrug up. Now to start with, when you’re learning this exercise, you may find that you get in that starting position and you can only move a little bit before those shoulders start to rise, that’s okay, that is what we’re working on and you need to work on. So, shoulders down, shoulders back, against the wall, keep those shoulder blades down and sucked in, and going to slowly breathe out and slide those arms up the wall and then breathe in as you come back down. So really easy and let me show you what it looks like against the wall. So I take my starting position, I’m about 10 centimeters from the wall, arms on the wall, shoulders, so avoiding that, shoulders down, shoulders back. So shoulder blades squeezing in together. Alright, take my breath in and breathe out. And breathe in. Breathe out. And breathe in. So this is what not to do. Starting position, shoulders down and back, arms against the wall, breath in, breathe out, and rising up like that. See those shoulders shrugging, they should be down, like that and as we slide up the wall.

Alright, so there’s the wall slide, which is a really, really, easy peel back from the floor slide and can help you get you started on working on some of those important muscles.

Now if you know someone who’s struggling with neck tension, neck pain, or carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and need to improve their posture and breathing, share this on your timeline, you never know who could benefit.

Thanks again for watching and I’ll speak to you soon.