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Health Nut!


What am I doing in a Melbourne park at 7am? ❓ My "health nut" adventures can lead me to some wonderful places! 🚶🏽‍⛰️👍 Let me share with you a powerful tip for getting things done even when you don't feel like it. 🤯 ✅ Use this tip to better yourself for your health and life [...]

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A little behaviour hack that can make the choices needed to be healthy easier. In this video I reveal how you can harness the power of one of your strongest motivators - your identity, to make the change to healthier habits a whole lot easier.


Food & Health EXPERT


[Expert Advice] The 3 Biggest Mistakes With Italian Cooking From Simon An Italian Chef... 👩‍🍳🍝 Would you take health advice from someone who isn't an expert in health? 🤔 I wouldn't - Just like I wouldn't take Italian cooking advice from someone who isn't an expert in Italian cuisine. 🍲👨‍🍳 Don't take advice from [...]

Food & Health EXPERT2018-11-29T09:32:11+10:00

How To Get Better Sleep


The Xmas Present That Revolutionised My Sleep + 2 Other Get Better Sleep Tips 🤯💤🎅 Plus: ✅ Stop this one afternoon activity and there's a good chance you'll sleep better 👍 ✅ Once the sun goes down there's one thing that can hype your brain up like a toddler on a sugar high, I'll [...]

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POWERFUL Life Concept


Can You Eat Pancakes and Vanilla Gelato for Breakfast and Be Healthy? Maybe. Let me introduce you to the POWERFUL concept of "Easy To Do - Easy Not To Do" This embarrassingly simple concept can change your health & life... For the BETTER and... for the WORSE.

POWERFUL Life Concept2018-11-22T09:58:55+10:00

Vitamin D


[SIMPLE TIP] Get Stronger Bones, A Better Immune System and Reduce Chronic Inflammation... 😆👍 ➡️ I'll show you the FREE way to get all these benefits in your body... Plus I'll chat about the supplement you can use also. 😍

Vitamin D2018-11-19T16:38:24+10:00

Best Natural Sunscreen


Why I Don't EVER Use Normal Sun Screen + What I Use Instead... Make sure you're doing the best for your skin and your children's skin this summer. My go to sun screen choice - Wotnot Naturals

Best Natural Sunscreen2018-11-07T16:34:11+10:00



How To Use "TRIGGERS" For Better Health And A Better Life 😍 ✅ There's one store in Maroochydore that's my TRIGGER... every time I'm in the vicinity I have to drop in and check out what they have 🍰 ✅ I share with you some simple triggers you can use every day for your [...]


Alice in Wonderland


Are You Making This "Alice In Wonderland" Mistake With Your Health? 🐰❤️🍰🐛 There are many mistakes people can make with their health but... 🤔 This is probably one of the BIGGEST- without getting this right you could be "spinning your wheels" forever but.. 🤯 Get it right and your health journey could be DRAMATICALLY [...]

Alice in Wonderland2018-11-27T14:13:56+10:00

Protein Fluff!


Could This Dessert Actually Be Healthy? No fat - As much protein as a piece of steak - And low in sugar... Sounds too good to be true? Let me show you how to make it! RECIPE Protein Fluff INGREDIENTS 250 gm of frozen berries 90 ml of some sort of liquid [...]

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