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407, 2018

Female Stress Cycle

Could These All Be Related??

Discover How The Female STRESS Cycle Can Cause..
Hormone Issues *Weight Problems *Anxiety/Depression*PCOS*Infertility*Headaches…

2606, 2018

5 Steps to a Super Shake

Want a Fast & Healthy Meal on The Go?

I’ll show you 5 simple steps to take your super shake to the next level plus..

  • What to look for when choosing a protein powder
  • And get 10% off from my favourite protein company

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2406, 2018

Immune Boosting Tips

The Truth About “Flu Season” – Discover the concept of “The Seed & The Soil” and how this can change the way you look at getting sick.

Plus My Favourite Natural Remedies – Colds + Flu, Sore Throats…

  • 2 of these natural remedies you can buy at the supermarket
  • 1 of them costs less than $3
  • And the one thing I recommend you take everyday to supercharge your immune system
1906, 2018

Shoulder Rehab

Shoulder problems can be a common issue.

With the correct approach great improvement can usually be made.

In this video I show you the simple but powerful exercise that you should be doing to complement the work we’re doing in clinic.

(no fancy equipment… all you need is a can of soup!)